Islam is the correct way to live, and we chose to try to live that way

About Fox Valley Islamic Society

Fox Valley Islamic Society (FVIS) was the first community of Muslims in Northeast Wisconsin. We have grown from about ten families in 1970 to more than 100 families today. It has been expanded once to accommodate community growth, and now can host about 100 people for Jumu’ah prayer. However, during Ramadan and special events attendance exceeds our current capacity.

Currently we are running multiple programs like:

  • Madrasa during week nights
  • Sunday School
  • Youth Group
  • Annual Interfaith Gathering
  • Monthly Community Gathering
  • Funeral prayers and burials
  • Marriages
  • Assistance for reverted Muslims

While our community size has outgrown our facility, Alhamdulillah, we continue to make the best possible use of our Masjid to serve our community.

Officers on the Board of Directors

Mamadou Y. S. Coulibaly

Kazeem Akinyele

Bashar Amin

Our dear Br. Akhtar Sultan passed away last December (2020). May Allah grant him Jannah. The position has not been filled yet.

Board Member at large

Mohsin Saeed

Halbana Tarmizi

M’baarok O’ubelkho

Bashir Mahamed

Sameer Mecci

Officers on the Board of Trustees

Delwar Mian

Mohamad Rashid

Ismael Shariff

Abdul Majid