Islam is the correct way to live, and we chose to try to live that way

History of Current Mosque

Fox Valley Islamic Society is a diverse community of believers, located in Northeast Wisconsin. We have been an organized congregation for about 40 years, and we provide services for members including Friday prayers, community gatherings, evening and weekend madrasas, lectures on Muslim life, youth groups, Sunday school, Eid prayers and celebrations, funeral prayers, Shahada for new Muslims, and more. We are a welcoming organization for Muslims who visit or who make their new home in Northeast Wisconsin, and we engage in crucial outreach and service to the Fox Valley community at large.

Alhamdulillah, our membership continues to grow, reflecting a growing Ummah. This also means an increase in need. Our small and aging masjid requires constant and major repairs, and it has become difficult to provide enough space for worshipers at major functions. As our growing and diversifying congregation needs more access to services and education, the need for a new building is pressing.

Current Plan

The long-term plan is to construct a mosque that can host all of our functions, an Islamic charter school, and a dedicated space to host youth meetings and activities inshallah. Toward that goal, our initial objective is to complete a first-phase construction, building the basic mosque structure, providing a better, larger prayer space and enabling FVIS to stop paying property taxes on the land.

The design plan is simple: a basement and a prayer area with a capacity of 360-person men’s and 150-person’s women’s prayer spaces, as well as a children’s area and office. Eventually, we plan to finish out the basement and the mezzanine prayer area for the sisters in phases inshallah.

You can help. Did you know that contributing to the construction of a mosque is sadaqah jariyah, or ongoing charity? Sadaqah jariyah is a good deed that does not end with our own lives, but continues to benefit others–and thus, may benefit our own souls in the hereafter. Every amount, large and small, benefits you and the FVIS community.